It’s Official: Ellen Fans Voted These As The Worst-ever Episodes Of Her Show

Ellen DeGeneres has put out 3,062 episodes of her hit talk show – and kept millions of viewers happy for 17 long years. Don’t believe us? Just look at all those insanely viral video clips from countless editions of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. But we’re not interested in those kinds of shows today! No, we’re doing a deep dive into the Ellen episodes that the IMDb audience deemed practically unwatchable. The bottom-of-the-barrel. The worst-of-the-worst. The… you get the idea. And, fair warning, we can’t promise that the voters always followed Ellen’s advice to “be kind to one another…”

Just to let you know, these episodes are ranked by their IMDb scores. But where two or more episode scores are the same, the show with the most user ratings goes higher. And where – annoyingly – the number of user ratings are the same as well, the most recent episode goes higher. Episodes without a rating are not included. Now let’s get to it!