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Then the couple’s only child, Lisa Marie, came into the world exactly nine months after their wedding on February 1, 1968. Yet Priscilla apparently disliked that she had become pregnant so early. She had even reportedly planned to go on birth control, but it’s said that the young woman had been advised not to by Elvis. Priscilla is rumored to have considered having an abortion, too, but supposedly she eventually decided against it.

In a 1985 piece for People magazine, Priscilla wrote about how she had discovered that she was pregnant. And during the time she was expecting a child, it seemed as though a major priority had been not losing her husband. She said, “I still kept up with my ballet, rode my motorcycle and my horse Domino right up until the eighth month of pregnancy. Elvis thought I was absolutely incredible to keep up with him in every way. That made me happy. I was pleasing him and still by his side every day.”