40 Tips To Help Make Staying In Hotels Go Smoothly

Image: via Providr

Whether you embark on a far-flung business trip or a week away with your loved ones, you’re likely to go traveling at some point. And hotels are often an integral part of the travel experience – acting as a base for hitting the hay, perhaps, or a haven full of welcome creature comforts. But wherever you choose to lay your head, these handy hotel hacks will help make sure that you get the most out of your stay – and we’ll explain why you should in fact literally put your money down the drain.

40. Snap up the best deal by booking direct

Instead of arranging your trip through booking sites – where you may have to deal with sneaky commission fees – check out the hotel’s own website. There, you’ll often find the cheapest options for your chosen dates. And if you’re hunting for freebies, you’ll be more likely to succeed if you contact the place you’re looking to stay at directly. Choice Hotels, for example, offer a $50 reward card if you’ve shopped around and found a better rate on one of their rooms through another provider.