Americans Find These Qualities Most Attractive – And Some Of Them Are Pretty Surprising

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When looking for a potential partner, we all have our own particular preferences to help us find the right person. However, for those living in the United States, certain traits stand out above the rest. So with that in mind, we’ve compiled a list that details some of the surprising qualities that may make you especially attractive to an American.

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20. Desire For A Serious Relationship

In theory, finding a partner in today’s dating landscape has never been easier thanks to specialized websites and apps. With these tools at your disposal, you can seek out someone with similar interests to yourself. However, in May 2019 the eharmony site ran a “Singles and Desirability” project that threw up some fascinating results.

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One such finding revealed that 70 percent of American singles were more attracted to people who were looking for “serious” relationships. The study also intimated that those with an eye on the future had a better chance of forming lengthy bonds. As psychologist Dr. Seth Myers told PR Newswire, “The data illustrates how Americans have shifted their priorities when it comes to lasting love.”

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19. Smiling Faces

Although it may sound like a cliché, some individuals really do have smiles that can light up a room. But is that a quality that people find attractive? Well, according to a report in the scientific journal Emotion in 2011, American men and women had differing views on the matter.

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To explain more, the study’s director spoke to Reuters in May 2011. Jessica Tracy, from the University of British Columbia, said, “Women who smile are absolutely very attractive [to men]. That was by far the most attractive expression women showed. [But] men who smile were considered fairly unattractive by women.”

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18. Rough-And-Ready Look

In different countries, people have varying preferences regarding what they find attractive. Greg Hodge can certainly attest to that, as he runs the Beautiful People dating website. This tool is open to singletons across the world, and Hodge noted some interesting findings along the way during an interview in 2016.

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Speaking to the Global Times newspaper, Hodge drew up a comparison between ladies from China and their counterparts in America. He explained, “Chinese women prefer their men clean-shaven with a more polished and groomed appearance compared to U.S. women. [They’re] more receptive to men with a rough-and-ready look — jeans and T-shirts with a five-o’clock shadow.”

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17. Plenty Of Makeup

Getting ready for a night out, we all try to make ourselves look as good as possible. For women, that usually involves the application of some makeup, ranging from lipstick to blusher. Compared to other nations, though, ladies in the United States are said to be particularly reliant on those cosmetic touch-ups.

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Laura Mercier was definitely of that opinion, as she sat down to talk with The New York Times in May 2006. “It really astonishes me the way American women wear so much makeup,” said Mercier. “When you are overly made-up, you send out the message that you want to be visible to attract men. French women are not [that] flashy.”

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16. Confident Beauty

In addition to a person’s physical features, their attitude can play a big role in attracting the attention of a potential partner too. In fact, that can sometimes be the deciding factor in pushing ahead with a relationship. On that note, Hodge claimed that American men value a certain trait on the Beautiful People website.

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Utilizing the website’s data, Hodge made yet another comparison while talking to the Global Times. He noted, “Chinese men prefer their women to look very submissive and innocent, almost like porcelain dolls, as opposed to Western men. [They’re] more inclined to women who project a more confident, strong or sexualized beauty.”

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15. Slim Bodies

For some people, body shape is everything when it comes to finding the right partner. However, there’s been an interesting disparity on that front in the United States over the last few years. Back in 2017, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia reported that obesity had gone up in a major way after nearly two decades of studies.

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However, despite that, Americans continue to find slimmer figures more appealing. As for why that’s the case, the University of Durham’s Lynda Boothroyd posed an intriguing theory. After helming a project for the PLOS One science journal in 2012, she claimed that a person’s “visual diet” could influence their decisions regarding attractiveness. So, if you were shown photographs of underweight women, you would come to regard it as an attractive characteristic.

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14. Groomed From Top To Bottom

As we suggested earlier, women in the United States have a tendency to apply plenty of makeup before heading out. Yet a number of them don’t stop there — they also focus on fixing up other aspects of their appearance. Whether it’s their hair or their nails, that kind of grooming isn’t out of the ordinary for a lot of American ladies.

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In the opinion of a British writer named Suzanne Jannese, though, ladies in Europe don’t really follow those routines. As she noted on the Thought Catalog website, she couldn’t understand why Americans would go through so much effort. To conclude, Jannese wrote, “Life for us is way too short for glamorous grooming!”

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13. Desire To Stay In

If you’re in a relationship, you’ll need to use all the charms you have on your partner when you possibly can. After all, busy schedules can sometimes leave you with a limited amount of free time. Keeping that in mind, eharmony provided another interesting statistic from its Singles and Desirability report in May 2019.

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The dating website revealed that “younger millennials” in the United States were more drawn to those who didn’t want to spend their evenings socializing. In terms of share size, that covered around 36 percent of the participants. Meanwhile, a similar number of “older millennials” preferred partners that stayed in as well.

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12. No Body Hair

Prior to the 1920s, American women were much more like their male counterparts when it came to armpit hair, leaving it unshaved. However, over the course of The Roaring Twenties, there was a notable shift. During that decade, specialized razors became available for ladies, while photo shoots in publications highlighted female models with no hair under their arms.

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So, since the 1920s, women in America have continued to rid themselves of body hair — aside from a period in the 1960s and 1970s. Unlike some other countries, this practice has become quite normal for American women. According to Yahoo, nations such as Turkey and Colombia are much the same. In fact, in those countries, even the men brave the shave.

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11. Handy Around The House

During the course of a normal week, we all need to perform certain jobs around the house. It can be hard work, but these tasks have to be done to ensure that our homes don’t become increasingly messy. On that note, eharmony’s Singles and Desirability study unearthed an intriguing fact from the American participants.

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The report noted that singles in every age group were searching for a partner that could help them finish household chores. Furthermore, Gen X respondents proved to be extremely keen in finding someone willing to get their hands dirty at home. If you’re handy at DIY, you might be lucky in love.

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10. Love Of Food

Food continues to bring people together across the world. There’s no better way to get someone to return again and again to the same place than the guarantee of a good meal. It’s also important for those that are trying to establish a romantic bond too, according to eharmony’s annual Happiness Index.

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Indeed, the 2019 study revealed that 34 percent of American singles wanted to find someone who enjoyed going to restaurants for dinner. In addition to that, 29 percent were looking for a companion that liked cooking as well. So, if you’re looking to get lucky in the bedroom, you had best get busy in the kitchen first.

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9. Casual Appearance

While some people are primarily interested in a potential partner’s physical appearance, not everyone thinks that way. In fact, there are other individuals who might be more focused on their dress sense and fashion choices. When it comes to this, Americans have long favored the casual look, which has gone on to influence styles in other countries.

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Although people dress casually in various parts of the world, one expert in 20th century American culture made an interesting observation. Deirdre Clemente from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas told The Washington Post, “The version of casual elsewhere, in Europe especially, never gets as down and dirty as the American version. Their version of casual is still a scarf and a stylish leather jacket, whereas ours is a starter jacket and jeans.”

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8. Tanning

Due to your skin tone, you might find it difficult to attain a tan while out in the sun. And that could also prove problematic if you were hoping to catch the eye of someone from the United States. As reported by The List website, Americans may be more drawn to people that have glowing skin rather than a pale pallor.

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This attraction started back in the 1920s, when famed designer Coco Chanel sported a tan after a Mediterranean cruise. After that, sun-kissed skin was associated with financially successful people. Its status came from the fact that it signified that they could afford to travel to some of the world’s warmer locations. Meanwhile, in 2014 the Food and Drug Administration claimed that 30 million citizens utilized tanning beds in America every 12 months.

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7. Pearly White Teeth

As we mentioned before, many Americans find a simple smile to be very attractive. However, when it actually comes to teeth, a large portion of the population share a particular preference. In 2019, the Simmons National Consumer Survey and the U.S. Census discovered that nearly 40 million individuals whitened their teeth.

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Outside of America, though, not everyone sees the attraction, including Jimmy Steele from the United Kingdom’s Newcastle University. The professor of dental science told BBC News in 2008, “U.S. teeth are sometimes whiter than it is physically possible to get in nature — there is a new reality out there. The most extreme tooth bleaching is terrifying, it looks like it’s painted with gloss paint and has altered what people perceive as normal.”

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6. Good With Kids

At some point in our lives, we may decide to take the next step and start a family. But for that to happen, we’ll need a partner that shares those feelings. So, with that in mind, eharmony’s 2019 Happiness Index produced another fascinating statistic regarding America’s singles.

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According to the report, a quarter of the website’s respondents wanted to find a partner that had a so-called “domestic side.” Breaking the figure down even further, that desire was prevalent with both Generation X and millennials alike. Clearly, there’s a correlation there to our earlier entry about forming a serious relationship.

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5. Fuller Lips

While a striking shade of lipstick can help a woman stand out from the crowd, that’s not enough for some American women. Indeed, following Marilyn Monroe’s emergence in the 1950s, fuller lips have since been seen as an attractive physical attribute in the United States. But is there more to it than that?

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Jamie Gordon, an anthropologist at Georgia’s Culture Agency, certainly thought so. Speaking to Women’s Health magazine in April 2015 Gordon said, “When you look at the anthropological history of the female body and sexuality, full lips signal not only sensuality, but being excited about having sex. Full lips can also make you seem more attractive.”

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4. Blonde Hair

This is an interesting one. As reported by the HuffPost website, experts claimed that only five percent of American citizens have naturally blonde hair. However, thanks to hair dyes, close to 50 percent of the women holding executive positions at major companies sport that shade. To shed some light on this statistic, one business school researcher made an intriguing point.

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Business school researcher Jennifer Berdahl told HuffPost, “If women are choosing to dye their hair blonde, there’s something strategic about the choice. If the package is feminine, disarming and childlike, you can get away with more assertive, independent and [stereotypically] masculine behavior.” Alongside that, men from the United States have been shown to be most attracted to women with lighter colored hair too, according to a study Maxim magazine.

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3. Caring Jobs

If you’re trying to seek out a potential companion, then their career might be a deciding factor. That was certainly the case for those taking part in eharmony’s Singles and Desirability report. Those results revealed that American singles would be most interested in people working in medicine, law enforcement and education.

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Further to those findings, eharmony’s CEO Grant Langston spoke to PR Newswire in May 2019. He said, “What we’ve found over the years is that the singles on eharmony are high-achievers who are looking for like-minded people. Our users tend to be committed to excellence in all aspects of life, and therefore tend to be most desirable when it comes to how modern millennials view potential partners.”

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2. Plastic Surgery

In some cases, cosmetic surgery can completely transform your appearance, making you feel more attractive. However, regardless of its positive aspects, you may still be shocked by the following figures. Since 2000, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons noted that there’s been a 115 percent increase in procedures across the United States.

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One of the most popular procedures is gluteal augmentation, otherwise referred to as a “butt lift.” Remarkably, those numbers have shot up by over 250 percent since 2000. And when compared to the rest of the world, America made up nearly 18 percent of all cosmetic surgeries that took place in 2016. That latter figure came from a yearly report by The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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1. British Accents

Good news for any British singles living in the United States — they might be in for a bit of luck. In 2014, the YouGov website reported that over 30 percent of American people found the accent attractive. If that wasn’t enough, nearly 40 percent the women that took part in the poll said it was “alluring” as well.

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Later, in 2018, The Independent newspaper discovered that the desire was still there. A New York City resident named Dina Kennedy explained, “It is just an attractive accent. It sounds more proper than Americans and you’re not used to hearing it. It is proper, but sexy, so you want to keep listening.”