The Tea That Could Dramatically Improve Your Health

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For many of us, there’s nothing better than settling down for a nice cup of tea. And given that the beverage comes in so many different flavors, it’s little wonder that this should be the case. But in addition to its comforting attributes, there are also certain kinds of tea with apparent medicinal qualities.

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One herb which can be utilized to concoct tea is oregano. Popular within Italian cuisine, we might recognize oregano in food by its distinct smell and rich taste. But in addition to its flavor-enhancing powers, it’s also said to possess attributes which can contribute towards a person’s wellbeing.

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Oregano has been found to boast a variety of chemical compounds, many of which are known for having antioxidant traits. This basically means that they can help defend your body from damaging chemicals such as free radicals. If allowed to thrive, these unstable substances can eventually contribute towards the development of deadly conditions such as heart disease or cancer.

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Multiple pieces of research have indicated that certain components of oregano can help fight cancer. For instance, one 2009 study in peer-reviewed medical journal Nutrition and Cancer suggested that colon cancer cells developed at a reduced rate after coming into contact with oregano extract, before ultimately dying. Similar findings have been noted elsewhere, but more research will be required before any solid conclusions can be drawn.

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Oregano is also thought to be capable of fighting off unwanted microorganisms. But as with the theory that it can help treat cancer, more scientific study is needed to confirm this. Still, given that it’s broadly considered to be at worst harmless – regardless of whatever positive effects it might provide – it might be worth brewing up a cup of oregano tea. Of course, if you’re in any doubt about its impact upon your body, discuss the herb with your medical professional.