20 Ingenious Ways To Give Your Old Towels A New Lease Of Life

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No towel lasts forever – eventually, it’s going to get old and dogged and stagger on its last legs. But before you dispose of it, you may want to give one of these simple projects a try. After all, they’re perfect for breathing new life into your old towels, from bags and pillows to soft toys and even watchbands.

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20. Cleaning rags

Buying disposable cleaning cloths isn’t just bad for your wallet, but the environment too. So if you have an old towel to hand, you can kill two birds with one stone by using it instead. Just grab a pair of scissors and cut it up into smaller squares. Voila: free, washable and reusable cleaning rags.

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19. A picnic blanket

Rather than buying a huge picnic blanket that you might only use a few times a year, you could always make your own – and it’s super easy to do so. Indeed, simply take a few old tea towels and stitch them together, with another layer of cloth for the backing.

Image: Crafty Nest

18. Spa slippers

This may take a little more work than simply going out and buying a pair of slippers, but the result looks way more comfortable. And all you need is a towel for the wrapping, a pair of flip-flops to trace – and wrap – around and some batting and faux leather for the sole. Put it all together, and your feet will thank us.

Image: Carolyn Keene

17. Ironing board pad and cover


If your ironing board cover’s feeling a little worn out, you can go ahead and replace the entire thing – pad and all – with a towel and some fabric, such as a bedsheet. Cut around the shape of your old cover, then pin the sheet around the towel. Then simply sew them together and string them back on to your board.

Image: Instructables

16. A mop

This isn’t just any old mop. In fact, according to its creator, it’s “the best mop in the world.” As well as an old towel, you’ll need a broom stick for the handle and a pair of cable ties. Just snip up the towel into strips, bind them together with your first cable tie and then bind them to the broom with the other.

Image: Ruffles And Stuff

15. A bath pouf


If you’re feeling flamboyant, this rose-shaped bath pouf may be just what you need to reinvigorate your old towels. It’s super easy to make too. First, cut the edges off the towel and two circles from the center. Then sew through the strips and pull the thread into a spiral, before stitching them to the circles. And you can even add a handle with an extra strip from your towel.

Image: Martha Stewart

14. Caddy organizer

If you still want your towel to be put to use in its natural habitat, this hanging organizer is a great fit for your bathroom. And all it takes is a towel folded over and stitched into pockets, with a dowel run through a folded loop in the top. Tie the ends of the dowel to ribbon and you’re good to go.

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13. Beach bag


As far as crafts projects goes, it doesn’t get much more basic than this. But that’s great news if you just want something quick and easy to make with your old towel. Once you’ve cut out the desired size for your bag, just add some extra fabric for the handles, sew it up and head to the beach.

Image: Instructables

12. Pot holders

By now, you should be fairly well acquainted with the ways towels can fold up into useful means of carrying things. But their applications also extend to holding pots – perfect if you don’t want to splash the cash on a premade one from the store.

Image: Milomade

11. Dog beds


If your pooch is in need of a little extra comfort, you could always sew him a new bed from an old towel. Simply fold it over, stuff it with wadding and stitch it up. Indeed, we have a feeling your dog will be super grateful for his comfy cushioned bed.

Image: Mother Earth Living

10. Pillows

If you don’t have a dog, however, or just fancy having a little extra comfort in your own life, then the same principle can apply to cushions and pillows. You can even use multiple towels to create your own pattern for the cover, before stuffing it and sewing it up.

Image: The Happy Housewife

9. Reusable Swiffer pads


If you’ve got a Swiffer, you’ll know what a godsend it is for cleaning floors. But you’ll also know how much of a pain it can be to have to keep buying disposable cloths. The beauty of making your own from an old towel, then, is that once it gets dirty you can just wash it and reuse it again and again.

Image: via Fine Craft Guild

8. Bath rugs

Laying down old towels as bath rugs is something we’ve all done at some point, but with a little elbow grease, you can turn that towel into a genuine bath rug. All you need is a sheet of gridded matting to act as the base. Then cut your towel into strips and knot them around the grid.

Image: Cloth Doll Making

7. Soft toys


If your crafting skills are a little more advanced, you could always try giving those old towels a new lease of life as a soft toy. And really, it’s not all that complicated. Just cut the required animal shapes out of the towel, stuff it and sew it up. You can then add external details, such as its face.

Image: Curbly

6. Bolster cushions

If your current bolster pillows are in need of replacing, you can get a double win by repurposing an old towel to create new ones. Simply roll up the towel and place it inside a fabric outer layer. In fact, this would even be a great way to store new towels, whether in use as cushions or stacked up in your closet.

Image: Michele Made Me

5. Car sponge


If you’re looking to spruce up a dogged old car sponge, an old towel makes for a perfect jacket. Indeed, your sponge will be back to its best in no time, losing none of its flexibility along the way. And when the cover gets filthy, you can always take it off and chuck it in with the laundry.

Image: Michele Made Me

4. Soft watchband

Let’s face it: traditional plastic watchbands aren’t exactly the most comfortable things around. If you have sensitive skin, then, a softer watchband may be just the thing you need. And the good news is, it’s super easy to create with only an old towel and some elastic.

Image: Centsational Style

3. Spa towel wrap


Wrapping a regular old towel around you definitely doesn’t feel decadent enough for the spa experience. So you might want to take one of those towels and turn it into something much more fitting, such as this spa towel wrap. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even add a pocket for a little beauty storage.

Image: via Bloesem Kids

2. Baby bibs

One major advantage of repurposing old towels for new items is that it opens up a whole new world of pattern choices. For these baby bibs, for instance, you could go for something crazy and colorful. After all, plain white bibs are way too boring. And with a little tape, these are ridiculously easy to create.

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1. Packing material


Finally, if your crafting or sewing skills really are lacking, then don’t worry: there’s still a way you can get some use out of those towels. Yes, they’re great for wrapping around fragile objects when you’re packing up your stuff to move house, for instance. After all, they’re so thick and soft that they make for perfect no-cost cushioning for your most delicate crockery.