20 Unbelievable Uses for Coca-Cola

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Believe it or not, the world’s favorite soft drink is more useful than you might think. Far from just being a thirst-quencher, Coca-Cola can provide the solution to many household problems – and may even act as a beauty aid. Read on to find out why you may well never again be without a bottle in the home.

Pouring Coke onto car batteryImage: via KTMoxie

20. Clean car batteries

Despairing over corroded car battery terminals? Let Coca-Cola come to the rescue. Just pour it over and see the blemishes rinse away. And since the drink is only a little caustic, it won’t interfere with the battery acid either.

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19. Soothe jellyfish stings

It’s safe to say that jellyfish stings never feel good. Still, stop wincing for a moment to pour a touch of Coke on the stung section of the body and it’ll ease the pain instantaneously.


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18. Clean oil stains from your garage

The unsightly look of oil stains in the driveway or garage can be remedied with a bottle of Coke or two at room temperature. Pour the beverage over the stain until the area is completely covered and then keep it on overnight. When morning comes, soak up the mess with a towel, then rinse the rest away.


17. Create a deeper tan

Coke’s unexpected uses go beyond just the home. Indeed, a richer tan can be made possible by rubbing the soda onto your skin before you sunbathe. What to do with what’s left over? Drink up!

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16. Remove unwanted rust from metals

Rusted metals can get a new lease of life by being immersed in Coke for just a handful of minutes. The pH level of the beverage allows it to easily dissolve blemishes from copper, brass and other metal alloys.


15. Neutralize skunk odors

A skunk’s horrible smell may feel like it’ll follow you around forever. But if you have unfortunately been sprayed, just douse yourself liberally all over with Coke while in the shower, wash off and then sniff the difference.

14. Give hair a body boost

Limp, fine hair can be given more body just by way of a wash in Coke. The drink is able to make your locks softer, too; just remember to rinse it all off thoroughly to avoid any nasty stickiness.


Coca Cola hand lotion
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13. Make skin silky smooth

If extra soft and silky skin is your thing, just add a spoonful of the sweet beverage to your body lotion and feel the difference. For best results, try regular Coke and an unscented lotion.

12. Strip paint from a metal surface

Need to remove paint from a metal surface? Just saturate a towel in Coke and place it on the exterior in question. The acid in the drink will erode the paint, making it that much more simple to scrape away afterward.


11. Clean eyeglasses

Annoyed by the grunge on your pair of glasses? Well, Coca-Cola’s phosphoric acid works wonders by getting rid of schmutz on glass surfaces. Make sure to rinse the eyewear with water afterward, though, so as to remove all of the stickiness produced by the beverage.

Coca Cola to clean pots, pans and kettles
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10. Clean dirty pans and pots

The chemicals in Coca-Cola can make it a handy kitchen aid when needed. Pour in enough to soak a pot or pan and allow it to rest for a while. The Coke will then loosen the dirt or burned food on the receptacle, saving on elbow grease.


Coke pesticide
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9. Kill snails and slugs

Coca-Cola also conveniently acts as a lethal lure for snails and slugs, so for getting rid of the slimy critters attacking your garden, it’s indispensable. Just pour a little into a bowl and the soda’s acid will do the rest.

8. Calm an upset stomach

There’s no need for Pepto-Bismol when you have Coke around – at least, when it comes to nausea. Sipping on some flat Coca-Cola does wonders with helping to stave off the feeling of sickness.


Coke as a washing agent
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7. Remove gasoline smell from clothes

Lingering gasoline odors on your garments? A can of Coke emptied into the washing machine will neatly strip away any of those overpowering smells, leaving your clothes as fresh as a daisy.

Coca Cola removes blood stains
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6. Clean greasy stains and blood from clothes

Those nasty greasy marks and bloodstains on your clothes are no match for a serving of Coke. Empty a can of the soda into the washer with your favorite detergent to get garments looking like new again.


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5. Remove pool rust

A shiny pool may be a sweet reality thanks to the acids in Coke. Simply throw in a couple of liters of the beverage, then let it work its magic for a bit before getting to scrubbing – and find out how much easier the task becomes.

4. Loosen clogged drains

Not only can Coke be a handy kitchen aid and toilet bowl cleaner, but even drainage issues may see the sweet drink work to your benefit. The phosphoric acid in the beverage is able to break down the buildup that blocks your drain without the need for any more specialist products.


Coca Cola Flower
Image: Mike Kaser


3. Make flowers last longer

That beautiful bouquet can hold on to life for a little while longer thanks to the sugars in Coke. Just a quarter of a cup – along with some water – needs to be added to a vase in order to make the blooms last for a few more days.

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2. Relieve constipation

Caffeine is known to be a natural laxative. It’s also found in most varieties of Coke; so consume a can and help get things moving again.


Cleaning toilet with CokeImage: via POPSUGAR


1. Clean your toilet bowl

Apart from the drink’s thirst-quenching capabilities, this could possibly be the most celebrated of all uses of Coca-Cola. And for good reason: add some to a toilet, leave it for 60 minutes and then flush to see the miraculous results.