A Farmer Was Sick Of People Parking On His Land, So He Decided To Reap The Perfect Revenge

Pavao couldn't take it anymore. Week after week, people flocked to the flea market that was located close to his farm. But instead of parking their cars in a lot, the flea market shoppers would leave their cars smack dab on Pavao's property — without his permission, mind you. At his wits' end, Pavao knew he had to take matters into his own hands if he wanted to regain control of his land.

A mysterious connection

On the northwest side of Croatia sits Zagreb, the nation’s capital and most populous city. There are plenty of stories behind Zagreb’s interesting name; one legend has it that a hand-dug well brought water in the midst of a medieval drought. Za-grab- itself means “to dig.” Any readers with a flair for the dramatic may see a mysterious connection between Zagreb's name and the fate of one of the city's farmers...

Tourists vs. locals

The city itself also has a rich history and a celebrated culture, and this draws in tourists and locals alike. But wide-eyed tourists and seasoned locals don't always get along, especially when they come together at a place like Jakuševac – a Sunday-only flea market that takes place at the edge of the city.

A hot-spot in the city

Yes, people flock to Jakuševac because of the sheer number and variety of items on offer. In the flea market, one can buy, for example, a motorcycle, vintage clothes, and retro collectibles, all while sampling the local fare. Attendees also often bargain for lower prices on the items that catch their eyes.

Too close for comfort

While this might sound fun to the casual Sunday shopper, one Zagreb resident found himself frustrated by the visitors to the market every weekend. Pavao Bedekovic, a farmer, just so happened to own land right near the site of the weekly bazaar — a little too close, Pavao would probably claim.

Forbidden parking lot

More specifically, Pavao had his own farm, and flea market-goers saw his sprawling property as the perfect spot on which to park their cars. The only problem was that Pavao hadn’t opened his land to the many vehicles that had found their way onto it.

Rude parking behavior

Yes, people brazenly parked their cars wherever they wanted on Pavao's property. Whether they did this to minimize the walk to the flea market or because they were simply too lazy to find a proper spot, we'll never know. What we do know is that parking on someone's private property is rude — and Pavao thought so, too.

He was patient at first

Still, Pavao was patient at first. Time and time again, Pavao implored the strangers on his property to move their cars and to avoid parking on his land in the future. A more than reasonable ask from the man who owns the property the market-goers were parking on, yes?

Teaching them a lesson

Well, the shoppers didn't seem to agree. Each week, they continued to drive onto Pavao's land and use it as a parking lot. When the farmer saw that his warnings had fallen onto deaf ears, he decided to teach the trespassers a lesson – and cameras were rolling when he did so.

The video

In a video posted on November 16, 2015, a line of parked cars stretched down far into Pavao's property. And at first, nothing seemed to be amiss – aside from the fact that there were unauthorized vehicles on the farmer’s land, of course.

Pavao's revenge

But then the camera angle shifted, and Pavao's sneaky plan was revealed. The farmer appeared to the left of the frame on the back of his red tractor. And with that, it became clear how he’d started to get revenge on those who’d parked on his land without permission.

He hopped on his tractor

What happened? Well, in the middle of two lines of vehicles, Pavao tilled his land. Whether or not he always planned on planting corn in his field is unknown, but he certainly chose a good spot. And as anyone with any farming experience could tell you, tilling land isn't the neatest of jobs.

A messy job

As Pavao plowed the land, chunks of soil and grass flew up out of the earth. What’s more, Pavao plowed the area with little regard for the surrounding cars. Dirt and muck hit whatever was in its path — in this case, a line of illegally parked cars. And unsurprisingly, this action ended up upsetting the owners of these cars.

The police were called

In fact, the police were even called to the scene in the wake of Pavao's sudden decision to plow his property. The car owners felt that Pavao was in the wrong for bathing their vehicles in dirt. But as the angry parkers learned, you shouldn't mess with a farmer, especially one with a huge tractor.

Pavao's private property

Yes, the authorities ultimately decided that they couldn’t do anything about Pavao's actions. Why? Because at the end of the day, the flea market-goers were parking on his private property. This, you see, gave him every right to till it at a moment’s notice, even if doing so meant showering a row of cars in dirt and grass.

"People are just so selfish"

Most people who subsequently watched the video on YouTube stuck up for the farmer, too. One commented, “People are just so selfish sometimes… Good that you [taught] them a lesson.” Another touched upon the damage that a field full of cars might do to Pavao's land.

The potential damage

“For those advocating the parking: just think rationally for one second. These cars are ruining the aggregate of the soil, and the toxins from the car can leach into the ground,” the YouTube user commented. It's true that people parking on Pavao's land could've caused more damage than anyone anticipated...

Ruined grass and soil

Can parking on grass cause lasting damage to the land? In Pavao's case, it was certainly a possibility, since people parked on his grass regularly and for hours at a time. According to Vehicle Freak, parking on grass, even for just a few hours, can damage the grass and even the soil.

A farmer's worst nightmare

Not only does the weight of the car compress the grass, but driving cars all over a field can disrupt the soil and cause ruts. Obviously, none of this is ideal for a farmer, who depends on healthy soil for their livelihood. When we put it this way, it's easy to see why Pavao took matters into his own hands!

His actions could have been worse

It's also easy to see why other people in similar situations were so quick to protect their property. Pavao's actions may have seemed extreme to some viewers, but others knew just how much worse his reaction to the parked cars could've been. One person who chimed in had gone through a similar experience to Pavao in the midst of harvest season.

A step too far...

This commenter, however, took a more direct approach than Pavao had. “We usually just put a chain under them and drag them if we can,” they wrote on Reddit. “But if there’s nowhere to pull them or the wheels are turned and locked, we get the loader out.” Pavao didn't go so far as to move the cars himself — that would've been a step too far, right?

Sour mood

Don't be so sure. You see, under the right circumstances, you may find yourself exacting revenge on a rude parker. That's the position a man known as AngryAussie found himself in one evening after a long day at work. He was looking forward to a night out on the town with his mates when he spotted something in his apartment building's garage that immediately soured his good mood.


Some strange car had blocked him in! He waited around, hoping the driver left the vehicle there while making a quick drop-off, but AngryAussie was out of luck. With no other option, he had to call one of his friends to pick him up instead. Then things got worse.

Starting with kindness

In the following weeks, the rude car kept showing up at odd intervals, preventing AngryAussie from driving. He left a series of polite notes on the perpetrator's windshield, but he never saw any response or change in behavior. He couldn't believe this!

Drunken mistake?

Frustration building, AngryAussie guessed that the driver was someone who repeatedly got drunk and conveniently "forgot" to move his car out of the way. It was a decent theory, but he had no hard evidence of how to identify this serial jerk.


AngryAussie came across countless examples of people responding to bad parking jobs on the internet. Unfortunately, this car owner didn't seem to respond at all to shame. The mechanic would have to apply a different strategy — and fast.

A can't-miss obligation

The rude neighbor was making him late on an unpredictable basis. He never knew when to expect the car to block him in, so he would often have to walk or hitch a ride without warning. And AngryAussie had one upcoming obligation he couldn't miss.

Group trip

It wasn't often that he and his six closest friends could all get together, but they had a weekend getaway coming up that required AngryAussie's car. In order for the special trip to happen, he needed to make sure he wasn't parked in.

No more Mr. Nice Guy

Hoping the proper authorities could take care of the problem, AngryAussie contacted his building manager. The guy refused to even address the problem, or even identify the car's owner, so the mechanic decided to get more serious.

It's up to him

When he found himself parked in yet again, AngryAussie called a towing company. Because his vehicle was up on the garage's third story, however, they would not accept the job. He would have to take matters into his own hands.

The right tool

Not long before his big trip, AngryAussie searched through his auto shop for some tool to help him out of this jam. He smiled — a rarity in those days — as he came across just what he was looking for.

He was prepared

The morning of their big vacation, AngryAussie and his friends entered his garage to find the worst possible scenario. The jerk blocked his car again! Strangely, AngryAussie didn't lose his cool. He just ran upstairs and grabbed a strange metal contraption.

A group effort

He explained to his pals that he borrowed a vehicle positioning jack. Its wheels and hydraulic pump would allow them to easily lift up a parked car and move it wherever they wanted. Rubbing their hands in glee, the friends got it in position.

Dangerous work

As they boosted the car up, AngryAussie's eyes darted around the garage. While they weren't doing anything illegal — like stealing the car — it might not look that way to any security guards in the area.

Pushing the car

Luckily, the coast looked clear. Moving as quickly as they could while pushing a two-ton car, the seven mates each got a handhold and started to heave it toward a distant, dark corner of the garage. AngryAussie's plan soon became apparent.

Sweet sweet victory

He found a spot at the end of the garage where they fit the rude neighbor's car perfectly in between the wall and a pillar. The owner would easily be able to enter or exit the car, but moving it would be another matter.

150-point turns

With only a few inches of space at the front and back of the vehicle, its driver would have a miserable time getting it out. Most likely, he'd have to angle it forward and backward a staggering number of times to pull it out of the spot.

No more sour moods

Satisfied with their work, AngryAussie and his six friends jumped in his car and sped out of the garage. Each of them agreed they'd never had so much fun parking a car before. They were far from your typical valet service...

The scene of the crime

Even while enjoying his getaway, AngryAussie couldn't help but wonder about the jerk driver. How long would it take him to find his car? Would he even try moving it? Upon getting home days later, he immediately returned to the scene of the "crime" to check.

Revenge is sweet

Understandably, the car was still there. But a few days later, the unimaginable happened: AngryAussie never saw the problem car again! Even though the clever mechanic got some revenge, territorial villains exist everywhere — and in the most unlikely places.