20 Grossest iPhone Cases Ever Made

Ear iPhone case
Image: via cutedecision

There are plenty of oh-so-kooky people who have cute bunny ears attached to their iPhone covers, but there’s a whole world of wacky cases out there that takes this quirky trend to new, almost disturbing levels of grossness. In short, you won’t believe these rather disgusting covers even exist, never mind that people actually pay money for them. Hold on to your lunch, because these are the 20 craziest, grossest iPhone cases that money can buy.

Edible rice phone case
Image: via Neatorama

20. The Edible Rice Cracker Cover

This rather unexciting-looking iPhone cover caused quite a stir in 2012. Bizarrely, the entirely edible accessory – the work of “Mariko” in Japan – is made out of salt and brown rice. Still, novelty value aside, the cover doesn’t really seem to function as either a phone case or a tasty snack.

Fried chicken drumstick phone
Image: via CNET

19. The Chicken Drumstick Cover

Yes, this monstrous iPhone cover is shaped like a giant deep-fried chicken drumstick. Made by KFC Japan, the ridiculous product is available for the iPhone 5S. “Why would anyone want to speak into a chicken leg?” you ask. Hey, who are we to judge.


Bacon and egg iphone case
Image: via The Sun

18. The Bacon and Egg Breakfast Cover

What possible scenario would motivate someone to buy an iPhone cover that looks like a realistic bacon and egg breakfast, complete with shiny bacon fat and grease? Who knows. But if you’re still interested, the icky case was designed for the iPhone 4 by Japanese company iMeshi.

Ear iphone case with handsfree
Image: via cutedecision


17. The Realistic Ear Cover

These disturbingly realistic EARonic iPhone covers are available in a pretty random-seeming series of ear types. Strangely, this range even includes one mock hearing organ wearing a hands-free earpiece – because it’s important that people don’t forget you have an ear while you’re on the phone, right?

Gold isopod iphone case
Image: via Mike Shouts

16. The Deep Sea Crustacean Cover

Made by Japan’s Toba Aquarium, this limited edition case was actually constructed from the exoskeleton of an isopod, which is a crustacean similar to a crab or a shrimp. Still, who’d want one of those next to their ear?


15. The Severed Fish Cover

Yes, that’s a faux dead fish head, complete with lifeless, vacant eye. Not even the slice of lime makes this any more refreshing, but you’ve almost got to admire the attention to detail here.

hand iphone case
Image: via KakaoStory

14. The Amputated Hand Cover

There are no words to describe just how creepy this iPhone cover is. Created in Japan, the bizarre case has a hyper-realistic hand attached to it that you can order in adult or child size.


13. The Mince Meat and Soy Sauce Cover

Thanks to this gross iPhone case, you’ll never be without minced meat and soy sauce again. Created for the iPhone 4, the wacky accessory also features lifelike recreations of salmon and egg. Yum.

12. The Sushi Cover

Continuing the weird Japanese trend of decorating iPhone covers with strangely accurate models of food, this iMeshi iPhone 5 and 5s case features perfectly reconstructed pieces of sushi. And the mock morsels look almost good enough to eat – if, that is, you’re already crazy enough to have bought the accessory.


11. The Terrifying Teeth Cover

Spending $150 on an iPhone case that closely resembles a long set of teeth requires a special kind of insanity or, perhaps, just an unrelenting need to freak everyone out. Etsy seller ConcaveOblivion even went the extra mile by making a few of the not-so-pearly whites convincingly crooked.

raw meat iphone case
Image: Zazzle

10. The Raw Meat Cover

You’d need to be a pretty dedicated carnivore to have this slab of what looks like glistening raw meat pressed up against your ear – especially when you consider the fact that this iPhone 5C case doesn’t come cheap, costing just under $60.


9. The Hairy Guy’s Tongue Cover

Why spend your hard-earned cash on something sensible like food or bills when you could shell out for an iPhone case featuring a massive photo-realistic depiction of a guy sticking out his tongue? Gross – and all yours for $38 from Fine Art America.

8. The Eel and Rice Cover

One vendor of this disgusting iMeshi unagi case promises that you’ll be able to “shock your friends by pulling a delicious looking meal out of your pocket!” adding, “They will think you carry around cooked eel and rice in your pocket for fun!” If you want to get rid of all of your friends quickly, then, this is the accessory for you.


nose iphone cover
Image: via Gizmodo


7. The Pickable Nose Cover

Here’s a brightly colored, rubber iPhone case. So far, so normal, right? Except that this one has a nose on the back, presumably to satisfy all your picking needs without you having to shove a finger up your own nostril.

6. The TV Dinner Cover

Does this cover make you quaint and retro? No, having a drab, uninspiring image of an old-school TV dinner on your iPhone is just plain odd.


brain iphone cover
Image: DaWanda


5. The Detailed Brain Cover

Made by a Thai manufacturer, this charming little case for the iPhone 6 features a very close-up shot of some unfortunate soul’s brain. Suffice to say that this is not an item for the squeamish.

Egg and toast iphone cover
Image: via Yahoo! Japan

4. The Egg On Toast Cover

While this cover may not be quite as bad as some of the others, it is utterly random. What’s more, serving up a weirdly realistic egg and toast on your iPhone will set you back around $30 – unless you do it yourself, which we wouldn’t recommend.


noodle iphone case
Image: via Hahamba.ru


3. The Unappetizing Noodles Cover

On this iPhone case in the iMeshi series, the yakisoba noodles look good enough to eat. Just kidding – unless, that is, you like consuming gross, plasticky messes.

2. The Chinese Food That Looks Like Vomit Cover

No need to get a greasy Chinese takeout when you could just gnaw on this horrendous mock-food phone cover. Think of the calories saved.


1. The Moldy Bread Cover

Even normal bread would be hard to justify putting on an iPhone cover, but moldy bread – even if it is just a pic of the stuff? Owners of this case would do well to take a long, hard look at themselves.