20 Pieces of Video Game-Themed Home Decor That Take Creativity to the Next Level

Gamers’ interest in interior design may have only once stretched to acquiring a comfy sofa on which to play marathon sessions of Super Mario Bros. But as original fans of Nintendo and SEGA’s ’80s offerings have grown up, it’s perhaps no surprise that they’ve taken their love of gaming and used it to creative effect by coming up with some ingenious yet gloriously geeky household items. Today, there’s no end of quirky furniture and nerdy decor inspired by gaming culture, and the best is enough to tempt even the least houseproud individual.

20. Oversized Nintendo cushions

U.K. artist Lucy Sparrow put her skill with felt to geeky use in 2012 by sewing an awesomely detailed set of Nintendo gaming cushions. The comfy creations – sold by Sparrow online – included plush versions of NES and SNES controllers, a Game Boy and even a SNES console.

19. Puckman bookcase

Thanks to Italy’s Studio Ginepro Design, even the humble bookcase has been given a gaming twist. Constructed out of stained wood, the customizable bright yellow setup naturally takes its cue from the eponymous character of iconic ’80s arcade game Pac-Man. The design, meanwhile, has been dubbed “Puckman,” in a nod to the game’s original name.


18. Nintendo controller coffee table

Bohemian Workbench has made what could be the coolest gamer coffee table ever in this painstakingly rendered version of the iconic Nintendo Entertainment System controller. The piece is fashioned from poplar wood, paint and glass, and rather incredibly it can actually operate as a Nintendo controller. It also comes with a glass surface for slightly more conventional coffee-holding purposes.


17. Mario toilet seat

Somewhat bizarrely, Super Mario Bros. fans can pay homage to video gaming’s most famous plumber by outfitting their lavatory with this Mario-repping toilet seat. There’s no denying the skill of Debra Hughes, who hand-painted this unusual creation, while the polyurethane finish ensures it’s more than suitable for everyday use.

Wiimote cabinet
Image: via Gizmodo

16. Wiimote cabinet

One GoNintendo reader had his father to thank for constructing this incredible cabinet. It’s modeled on the familiar Nintendo Wii remote controller that first hit stores in 2006 and is a stunningly detailed addition to any fan’s living room, hallway or bedroom, perfect for holding that library of Wii games.


Comfy Snorlax bed
Image: via Zuminal


15. Snorlax bed

Pokémon fans can now take their love of the pocket monsters to the next level with one seriously amazing cotton bed; and they’ll immediately recognize its resemblance to a drowsy Snorlax, a character first unveiled in 1998’s Pokémon Red and Blue. Etsy vendor Catherine Kim from South Korea handcrafted the aptly named “Monster Bed.”

Super Mario Aquarium
Image: via WebdiscoverRU

14. Mario aquarium

Although fish may not fully appreciate the Super Mario Bros. theme inside this stunning aquarium, lovers of the 1985 Nintendo classic undoubtedly will. Dreamed up by Michigan native Cedrick Bearss, the intricately detailed vision of part of the game’s first level features pipes, blocks and mushrooms – not to mention Mario himself – all constructed from LEGO blocks.


Atari joystick coat hangers
Image: via Gizmodo


13. Atari joystick coat hangers

Felipe Morales’ Hang & Play project gave birth to one decidedly out-of-the-ordinary creation: coat hangers fashioned on the inimitable Atari 2600 joystick. Quirky yet stylish, they’re the perfect addition to any hallway for fans of the cult console, which was originally released in 1977.

Pac Man ghost book shelf
Image: via Pinterest

12. Pac-Man ghost bookshelf

Pac-Man players who secretly sided with Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde will undoubtedly be clamoring to get their hands on this super-cool wooden bookcase from Barcelona-based “pixel furniture”-makers LightYourselfUp. The piece will bring a touch of geek chic to anyone’s gaming room – but it’s perhaps best not to hang it near any examples of the little yellow guy, just in case.


Nintendo Power Glove oven mit
Image: via Nerdist


11. Power Mitt Oven Glove

This one’s guaranteed to be a totally unique kitchen accessory. As its name suggests, Pete Hottelet’s Power Mitt Oven Glove takes on the form of the Power Glove, which was originally unveiled by Nintendo in 1989. The motion-controller addition was slated for being tricky to use, but there’s no doubt that it looks pretty nifty as an oven glove.

N64 coffee table
Image: via GeeksWithWood

10. N64 logo table

GeeksWithWood have created this eye-catching table out of little more than MDF. Still, much as resourceful mechanical engineering student Troy has done, it’s possible to do it yourself with some fence posts, glue, screws and a whole lot of colorful paint. Of course, the result is a tribute to Nintendo’s unmistakable logo for the N64 console, originally launched in 1996.


Tetris style sofa set
Image: via TrendHunter


9. Tetris sofa

Anyone who’s racked up anxious hours on Tetris will love – or possibly get terrifying flashbacks from – Kim HyunJoo’s clever sofa and stool set. However, unlike in the 1984 Soviet puzzle game, the blue-and-yellow blocks of the “Grid sofa” are fashioned from sponge and fabric, and they all fit neatly together.

Halo helmet lamp
Image: via TrendHunter

8. Halo Master Chief helmet lamp

Perhaps not even fans of the Halo franchise – which first hit the Xbox in 2001 – could imagine that something so strangely beautiful might be made out of a Master Chief helmet. This incredible lamp from 3rd Edge Stained Glass was made in part using the copper-foil technique popularized by noted glassworker Louis Comfort Tiffany. Now that’s artistic dedication to gaming.


Arcade Joystick light switch
Image: via Think Geek


7. Power-Up Arcade Light Switch Plate

This awesomely nostalgic light switch frontage by ThinkGeek pays homage to the joysticks worn out by arcade fans across the globe. Moreover, upon pressing those red buttons, gamers looking for a hit of the past will no doubt be overjoyed by the evocative noises unleashed.

Mario shelving unit
Image: via Neatorama

6. Mario shelves

Game-loving couple Dennis and Judith brightened up their apartment in a gloriously geeky way by fitting it out with Mario world-themed decor. Perhaps the crowning glory, though, is their shelving unit, awesomely rendered to partially replicate the question blocks from Super Mario Bros..


Sega Master System Sofa
Image: via Games and Geeks


5. SEGA Master System sofa

The SEGA Master System was originally launched as the SEGA Mark III in 1985, and although it lacked the popularly of the NES, it still has its fair share of fans. Among them is the French gaming writer Subby-kun, who along with partner Subbinette crafted this incredible sofa in homage – complete with ingenious cushions that imitate the Master System’s controls.

4. Zelda Triforce lamp

This striking lamp is based on the Triforce artifact from cherished fantasy game The Legend of Zelda, initially released in 1986. The incredible wood-framed piece is made by Etsy seller TheBackPackShoppe, based in Texas, and would be the ideal gift for anyone who has fond memories of traveling through levels with Link.


Donkey Kong shelves
Image: via Igor Chak


3. Donkey Kong shelves

The instantly recognizable construction beams from 1981 arcade classic Donkey Kong proved an inspiration for Los Angeles’ Igor Chak, who designed a rather stunning shelving set in their image. The shelves’ carbon fiber, steel, glass and aluminum makeup would make them pretty durable – although perhaps not strong enough to hold any barrel-throwing gorillas. Sadly, they’re not for sale.

NES coffee table
Image: via Matthew Borgelt

2. NES coffee table

Retro-gaming fans will covet this incredible replica of the NES console, which functions as the geekiest of coffee tables. Its creator, Matthew Borgelt, even built in an imitation power button that lights up and a pair of electrical sockets disguised as controller ports. Plus, there’s plenty of space inside the lid to hold that cache of vintage NES games.


1. Chain Chomp cat bed

This one-off kitty bed was unmistakably inspired by Mario nemesis Chain Chomp, which was first seen in 1988’s Super Mario Bros. 3. The brilliant bed contains feline food storage space and was made by self-dubbed “unconventional cat furniture” purveyors Catastrophic Creations. Sadly for pet-owning gamers everywhere, Catastrophic Creations has sold its ingenious invention and won’t be making any more of the same.